Talent isn’t a predisposed ability for something. People with a talent didn’t get a head start- they started at step 0, just like you did.

Talent is the ability to recognize errors and faults in one’s technique- and recognize how to fix them. You might have a talent for things you haven’t heard of or aren’t even interested in!

If something isn’t coming to you easily- if you think you don’t have that knack for something you want to be passionate about- don’t lose heart. Don’t feel embarrassed. Don’t give up! Someone out there can help you! A teacher who can direct you, show you where you need to improve, and how to do it. That person can help make it all click in your head. It won’t be easy, but it’d take hard work no matter what.

Even those who have a lot of skill need help. Talent only goes so far! We all need help at some point to break through that ceiling, to climb ever higher.